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 Mathematics for Computer Science

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InstructorTara Holm

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A basic introduction to Calculus and Linear Algebra. The goal is to make students mathematically literate in preparation for studying a scientific/engineering discipline. The first week covers differential calculus: graphing functions, limits, derivatives, and applying differentiation to real-world problems, such as maximization and rates of change. The second week covers integral calculus: sums, integration, areas under curves and computing volumes. This is not meant to be a comprehensive calculus course, but rather an introduction to the fundamental concepts. The third and fourth weeks introduce some basic linear algebra: vector spaces, linear transformations, matrices, matrix operations, and diagonalization. The emphasis will be on using the results, not on their proofs.

Texts: Quick Calculus, 2nd Edition, Kleppner and Ramsey. Matrices and Transformations, Pettofrezzo.

Reference: Calculus with Analytic Geometry, Simmons. Introduction to Linear Algebra, Gilbert Strang.

Requirements: Four exams and 17 assignments

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