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Speaker: Marc Hamilton
Date: February 14, 2001
Real Video: 272 MB

Talk Introduction

How do you manage software engineering processes when you are working at Internet speeds? In the dot-com world, expectations are that you can create a web site overnight and reliably deliver it to millions of customers. However, a modern e-commerce web site involves a lot more than a fancy multimedia front-end. Many web sites fail because their back-end software systems cannot handle the high volume, high transaction rate, high security requirements of the web. This often happens because pressures of working at Internet speeds mean many systems are designed, developed, and deployed without proper software engineering processes. This Colloquium will address not only the technology but also the process and the people issues surrounding software engineering at Internet speeds.

About the speaker

Marc Hamilton is Director of Technology for Worldwide Education and Research Computing at Sun Microsystems Inc. Prior to joining Sun in 1994, he spent 11 years as a software engineer at TRW. His recent book, "Software Development, Building Reliable Systems" focuses on the people, process, and technology issues surroundin software development. Mr. Hamilton holds a BS degree in Math-Computer Science from UCLA, an MS in Electrical Engineering from USC, and is a graduate of the Anderson Business School Executive Program at UCLA. Mr. Hamilton is a guest lecturer at the Anderson School and sits on the corporate executive council of WGBH in Boston.


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