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A History of ADU
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The campus was located in the basement of an historic bank in Cambridge, MA, near Technology Square. Facilities included a classroom, student lab, administrative office, and food preparation area. Within the lab, each student had their own Henry Miller desk, Aeron chair, networked Linux box, and 19" ViewSonic monitor. Students had 24 hour a day access to the building, and often took advantage of the fact.

Program Hours

Each course met six days a week, Sunday through Friday. An average day consisted of two hours of formal lecture in the morning, two hours of informal recitation in the afternoon, and 6-8 additional hours of work on problem sets, for a total time commitment of 10-12 hours/day, excluding meal breaks and time in transit to and from school.

Program Duration

The program ran for 10 1/2 months, from September 2000 to mid-July 2001. Due to a lack of funding, the program was discontinued beyond graduation of the first class, amid legal disputes between the corporation's founders and other executive board members.

Program Direction

Day to day operations were handled by Shai Simonson, the director, and Guneet Kaur.

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