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Application Process

In order to be considered, an applicant was required to have SAT scores of 1300/1400 (old/new) or GRE of 2100, a bachelor's degree from a four-year program, a "confidence inspiring" transcript, and to submit an essay explaining why they wished to attend. From this pool, candidates were chosen for a phone interview with members of the admission team.
"There are a few catches: you'll need a bachelor's degree already, and you'll need to be so bright that people put on sunglasses when you walk into a room." - Slashdot posting

Telephone Interview

The interview was designed to determine the applicant's motivations for attending, prior experience, and general suitability. A series of logic puzzles were administered, à la a Microsoft/Xerox PARC interview, in order to evaluate the applicant's ability to solve problems and work cooperatively. In a second interview Philip Greenspun answered questions and talked about what the program would be like, completing the interview process. From over 350 qualified applicants, 40 were granted admission and 36 chose to attend.

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