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ADUni.org is the website of the alumni of ArsDigita University (ADU).

ADU was a one-year, intensive post-baccalaureate program in Computer Science based on the undergraduate course of study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The majority of the instructors were professors from MIT and the program was tuition free. After running from September 2000 through July 2001, seeing the first class to graduation, the program was forced to shut down.

This site serves a dual purpose. It is here to tell the story of ADU and it is here to carry on the school's mission of supplying free education. Toward this latter end, ADUni.org provides all course materials and lectures generated during the program to the general public for free use.

"...to offer the world's best computer science education, at an undergraduate level, to people who are currently unable to obtain it" - ADU mission statement

Free Courseware

This site features Computer Science lectures, coursework, and exams from ArsDigita University

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Video Lectures

ADU class videos can be acquired, in their entirety, through purchasing a USB drive.

Video sample:
Shai Simonson on graph algorithms (10 min, RealPlayer; 22,000 KB)

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